96 Egg incubator

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Product Description

96 chicken eggs incubator is designed with transparent frosted cover, at the time of incubation, hatching process can observe all the incubator. In addition, we also do the traditional incubator can’t do a function.This product can add water from outside, breaking the traditional incubator steps need to open the machine cover with water.Reduce the customer’s trouble.The hatching and incubator has been in a closed state, not because of the need to add water and the influence of temperature and humidity inside the machine.Greatly increase the rate of the young hatched out.

96 eggs incubator specifications

Capacity 96 eggs
Useage Chicken, Bird, Ostrich,Turkey, Goose, Duck and so on
Power 160W
Voltage or plug will be available as your requirement
Weight 8.5kg
Dimension 55*55*35cm
Material Transparency Plastic
  •  it is important to fill both water channels to increase the humidity. (this is very important to ensure that the eggshells are soft enough for the chicks to break through.)
  • You should never open the lid when the chicks start to hatch. If you do, the loss of humidity will cause the eggshells of the unhatched eggs to dry out and they won’table to break through the egg .


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